ELNA 970 Automated Embroidery Machine

The eXpressive 970 is a semi-professional single-head 7 needle embroidery machine with a remote computer Screen, an Independent bobbin winder, auto Start / Stop, Automatic thread cutter, Full rotary hook (industrial), Extra-large bobbin. It offers a USB-port or Direct PC connection for recalling your embroidery design files from the computer console. It is compatible with Tajima and Janome hoops

For more info,

Before you begin, please refer to the ELNA 970 Manual.

Artistic Digitizer Software

Create embroidery stitching projects easily with this robust embroidery and sewing software. Achieve professional quality results quickly and easily with this powerful and comprehensive package. You can create original designs, add personal touches, choose from a wide selection of digitizing options, advanced editing features. With this software you have the freedom to take your creative expression in any direction you can imagine. The Artistic Digitizer software training videos are found below...

Begin by watching the quick start video here:


Create your Embroidery Artwork:

a) Create a digital embroidery file using the Digitizer Jr. or Artistic Digitizer software found on either the desktop computer in the Textile Innovation Lab. Embroidery software training tutorials are available above.

b) In Artistic Digitizer, Format your artwork to fit within the selected hoop.

c) Create your artwork (refer to the Artistic Digitizer tutorials) and save the .DRAW version often for future editing.

d) When you are ready to export your file to the embroidery machine, save the file to a flash drive as a .JEF or .DST file and insert the drive directly into the machine for easy access, or EXPORT the file from the TIL computer directly to the machine using the Artistic Digitizer software. JEF file format is the only one that can communicate with the embroidery machine.

Here is a link to the Artistic Digitizer software tutorials.

Set up your Material:

NOTE: To obtain the best quality embroidery it is important to use embroidery stabilizers. There are several types of stabilizers including tear away (best for stable woven fabrics), Iron on/Fusible stabilizer (fused onto wrong side of fabrics with an iron- becomes permanent), Cut-away stabilizer (use for knits and other more unstable fabrics), Wash-away/water soluble stabilizer (for cutwork or lace embroidery). Students should provide these materials for embroidery jobs.

a) Prepare your fabric and stabilizer in the correct hoop and load it into the machine (follow manual instructions) Prepare your material by combining the face fabric and stabilizer, and setting it in the hoop that you would like to use. Use the grid templates to set your fabric into the embroidery hoop (manual pg. 22)

b) Set the hoop into the hoop supporter on the machine. You should feel it click in. BE SURE TO press the JOG button before you begin the embroidery. This will run an outline around your design area to make sure that the hoop is large enough for your design.

c) Rethread the machine (tie-off and pull through) to switch out colors for your design. Make sure the colors in your design follow the exact threads on the machine.

d) Navigate to the .JEF file on the machine console (see manual) . Check the settings for your job (here you can change the speed, view each color layer, etc).

e) Once everything is set up, press START/STOP button to begin the embroidery sequence. The machine will automatically stop when the operation is complete.



***Be sure to cut the fabric and stabilizer larger than the embroidery hoop that you will be using.

***You can run the same operation more than once on the same piece of fabric. By shifting the fabric in the hoop and running the sequence again and again, you can create arrays/repeats of the design.