The Textile Innovation Lab provides resources for advanced textile design and development, including digital fabric printing, heat presses, vinyl cutting, automated embroidery, weaving and flatbed knitting. 

The lab also offers software for embroidery and microscopes for material evaluation. 

The Wearable Futures Lab includes:

computer-aided design resources, wearable technology prototyping tools, electronic workstation for coding and soldering.

Wacom Cintiq computer workstations equipped with advanced softwares for digital illustration and rendering including Adobe Suite, and  Cricut Design Space.

Software for digital textile design, pattern-making, and 3D virtual modeling software include Lectra's Kaledo suite, CLO and Optitex  software.

We also have Fritzing, Processing and Arduino IDE software for basic coding + programming. 

The Apparel Production Lab includes advanced apparel production equipment for, specialized industrial sewing.