Dress Forms + Virtual Avatars

ASTM Standard Forms

The standard dress forms in the sewing laboratories follow ASTM standard measurements. Here is a listing of standard ASTM Missy measurements that can help you determine the base measurements needed to begin drafting flat patterns digitally and/or what size avatar to select for virtually sewing/fitting your digital patterns using 3D software.


We have 1 Missy Curvy size 6 Alvaform. This form is state of the art featuring memory foam compression for fitted knitwear and interactive measurement points that sync with the Virtual Alvaform. The modified shape of this form is based on This form is for FTC lab use only.

For exact measurements and other information on the Alvanon forms, visit https://alvanon.com/resources/

Alva Halfscale Forms

We have 12 Missy Curvy size 6 Half-Scale forms- A miniature Full Torso AlvaForm, scaled down, and approximately 17” in height. It’s ideal for efficiently and sustainably creating and testing large scale patterns and new concepts. Measurements are 1/2 (half) of the Alvanon Missy Curvy size 6 Alvaform.

You can check out a half scale form from a Lab team member. Fill out the checkout form and return it to a lab team member to check out. You may only use the half scale forms within the DAAP building.

Learn more about working with halfscale dressforms HERE.

Learn how to manually and digitally enlarge a half scale to full size patterns below:


Virtual Alvaform

The Missy size 6 Virtual Alvaform is the digital representation of our full scale and half scale size 6 Alvaforms, available in the FTC. The virtual avatar is loaded into the Optitex PDS19 software on the computers in the FTC. Please contact Ashley Kubley for assistance with obtaining access to virtual forms in other sizes and styles from the Alvanon Body Platform https://abp.alvanon.com/

Half Scale dress forms can be checked out for use by fashion students within the DAAP building.

Contact a lab staff member to check one out. Please fill out this form.